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✝️8:11 (and/or 811) is a surreal/horror psychological game.✝️

8:11 follows a French priest named Ryker Dublin, and their best friend, Leon. Both take shelter inside an abandoned church one night, when suddenly; Leon gifts you a cursed Bible just moments before he is mysteriously murdered.

Against Leon's wishes, Ryker leaves France to track down the man that killed their friend; seeking violent revenge. The player will explore new foreign lands, meet a strange cast of characters, watch reality distort, and see how Ryker processes their psychological trauma.

This game is rated 18+‼️ Yes, that includes the demo.

✝️8:11 is split between two games. This is the first chapter.✝️

The second chapter is set to be released on: [date unknown]

MoveKeyboard Arrows
DashHold Shift + Move with Arrows
Menu AccessX Button
Interact with ItemsSpace Bar

✝️ Features ✝️

🌟 Original art & characters

🌟 Different variety of puzzles

🌟 Cinematic cutscenes

🌟 Over 100 areas to explore

🌟 Multiple secret items, that can unlock extra content throughout the game

🌟 Playing as multiple characters in specific moments

🌟 Secret rooms and routes to discover

🌟 VHS-esque movies that can be found & played

✝️ Notes ✝️

  • There are some scenes with heavy gore. Please proceed with caution.
  • The average play time among play testers was ~8-12 hours
  • There is only one ending, as this is the first chapter/game, so the second chapter/game will continue right after this game ends
  • This game is 18+ ‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️

✝️ Warnings ✝️

  • Murder/Death (varies from: implied - on screen)
  • Animal & human death+gore
  • Gun violence
  • Blood, guts, skin removal, etc.
  • Surreal body horror

Rated 4.9 out of 5 stars
(40 total ratings)
GenreRole Playing
TagsHorror, LGBTQIA, Psychological Horror, RPG Maker, Story Rich, Surreal


Buy Now$8.00 USD or more

In order to download this game you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $8 USD. You will get access to the following files:

Walkthrough.txt 15 kB
Rules and Trigger Warnings 2 kB
8_11_V.2.2.zip 1 GB

Download demo

8_11_V.2.2 demo.zip 1 GB

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perhaps my favorite game i've played in the last year. grotesque. heartwarming. ethereal. rotting, funny, downright queer and downright despicable. this is the weird we need in surreal horror again. vittorino is now my discord icon. it's that serious.
there's not more i can say about my feelings because they're complicated and wordless. but god, do i love this.
full review here.

IVE ALREADY PLAYED THIS TWICE, ONCE TO SHOW FRIENDS, i am SO normal abt this game (<lying). BEAUTIFUL ILLUSTRATIONS theyre a big inspo, every character is so fucked up in the best way and i love them so much. if you're on the fence about getting this game, due to the warnings or otherwise, if you can handle it then DO IT!! it's unsettling in a very intriguing way and i hope this game can get more recognition that it deserves!!

super excited for the sequel i NEED to know wtf is going on

I WATCHED MY FRIEND PLAY THIS AND OH MY GOD I AM GONNA HYPERFIXATE SO HARD ON THIS FOREVER. I LOVE da characters, the story, AND THE ART STYLE IS AMAZING!!!!!! AUUGH ME NEEDS MORE!! IF u want any extra hands for a sequel I'd love to help n stuff!!!!! My twitter is @Thetoonhero4!!! BUT ANYWAYS, tysm for making thise I loved it SM...

ALSO IS THERE A DISCORD SERVER??? DO U HAVE A DISCORD??? On god I need to spill my guts on how much I loved this!!!

Please... please... i anxiously await chapter 2, thank you for this game. The amount of effort put into it makes me very happy.

Sidenote, I also found like a minor bug, in Act 2 or 3... after Ryker visits Accardi and you play as Accardi in his own home, before you look at the golden paper and get the phone call from Vittorino, when I went to the location where the phone was I got stuck and my game froze. It wouldn't let me open the menu either. It didn't happen later when I got the phone call though so it didn't bother me too much.

I really cant wait for chapter 2!!!! it has become my favorite game ever


This game is one of the best things I've played.

It's horrible, as it is very scary, hard to continue, but horrible in the best, amazing way possible
I loved every second of this experience. I played it streaming it to a friend the entire time, and she loved it as well. 
Beware, as this game is very hard on a lot of subjects, the full list of tw isn't that big for no reasons. But it's made in a beautiful way.
So many questions are left unanswered, and I really hope we'll get a second chapter soon.

Thanks, so much, for making and giving us this game.

Saw an edit on tiktok a week or two that immediately intrigued me, so when I got paid yesterday I bought it and got to playing right way. Needless to say I kind of just got finished with it the day after and boy I LOVED IT!!!! THE ART, THE SYMBOLISM, THE CHARACTERS! I haven't played or seen a rpg maker game like this in quite a while and I'm incredibly pleased, since it's not really really like any other one anyways. It's Incredible, INCREDIBLEEEEE AAAA! I hope to see more in the future!

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edit 2: nevermind, found the solution by myself 😂😂


edit, I just realised that I saved 8-11 in different folder, but the folder name seems to be the old one (v 0.2), and the latest one is v 2.2... What should I do?



I have a question...

I've finished quite a long part of the game (you can watch my gameplay here), but accidentally deleted the root folder where the game saved originally, and deleted the game folder too. When I redownload the game, I can't press continuer anymore...Is there any possible way to recover my save file probably on drive C like other games save file did?

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Edit: Thank you so much for adding an updated demo!

hey i thought this was the version with the game files based on the more recent comments here, but it's... just a txt file lol.
How do i get a refund or the actual game?

You have to pay more than 8 dollars to get the actual game.

this is truly amazing! 4 hours into the game  (and feel i missed quite a few secrets?!

finished the game!! 

I feel it's hard to put my impressions into words (?) but i'm completely stunned by mostly everything, especially the grand scheme:)  and the theories!

The psychedelic art style is really unique, and i like how you weave and represent those ultimate, deep subjects through the style.

And oh my just can't wait for what happens next ^^

i'm watching a playthrough currently and it's a really amazing game, i'm really enjoying it so far ^^just asking though, is there any chance that this game will be compatible with mac computers in the future?


i am gonna put ryker in a little tykes car and push them around (affectionate)


Just don't hit them with it afterwards ;)


i want to hold vittorino in the palm of my hands


i think ive watched three different friends play this and i just bought it for two more people.  #811sweep

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I discovered a bug recently that has prevented me from progressing further in the game. When I'm in the motel room and notice that the bible is missing, Ryker leaves the room (to go back to the church I'm assuming). However, I went back inside the motel room to look around a bit and saved the game then. Since then I haven't been able to progress and leave the room at all. I've played the tape, reloaded, check the bathroom and window, etc. but nothing has happened. Could you please fix this?



Terribly sorry for the 2-month wait on a reply! I cannot apologize enough.

However, this bug has been fixed from the update. Both me and my translation team have had no bugs with this area in the update, so you should now be able to progress further when you're able to re-download the game. I'm sorry it took a bit, and I hope you give 8:11 a second chance sometime in the future.

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Glad to hear. How do I transfer my save from the old version to the new version though?

Edit: Never mind, figured out how to do it! Just had to copy the saves folder over from the old one (under the www folder).

hi! sent by @heebiecreepies on twitter hope ur having an amazing day and i love the game!!!


ithink abt 811 everyday of my life

are u still thinking abt it


The best game of 2021 in my opinion hands down. A new horror RPGMaker classic that deserves to be spoken in the same breath as OFF and IB. Its been months and I still can't get this game out of my head, I offer to buy it for my friends all the time. Yes I want to fuck beetle.

hi! is a mac version going to be released when the 2nd chapter is released? this looks really cool 


I love this game so much!! the art is beautiful and it often put me on edge, I think me and Ryker both where questioning what was real or not hehehe..... all the characters where very interesting and well worked out I am excited to see what other mysteries will unfold.
This better become a surreal horror classic!!!!!

Hahaha, thank you. ✨ Things might just get weirder and weirder for the sequel, if made. Thank you again


I found out abt this game from tumblr and decided to go ahead and buy it since Ive been wanting to play a new horror game. I love this game so much bfhjdkhj I'm definitely gonna replay it because I think I missed some of the extra content but even if you speedrun past all of that the game is still super enjoyable! I really love the character writing/design and I'm still having trouble choosing a favorite. The Christian symbolism is also really cool! Cosmic horror that makes use of biblical angels is one of my fav types of horror and the music and angel designs are again, really fucking cool hjdgkb

It also feels like there's a lot of influence from Golden Kamuy in the style and some elements of the horror/humor (specifically. the uh. [spit in his eyes] lmao). From what I've experienced, GK has a super small fanbase (at least where I am) so it's really cool to find a game that reminds me of it!

Tl;dr this is a super cool game and I can't wait for the next one to come out!


Thank you so much for playing! ✨ I appreciate the feedback

Also; I'm surprised and happy with the comparisons of Golden Kamuy! It's my favorite series, so naturally I think the art style and storytelling with horror/humor blended into my works, hahaha. Thanks for the comment again, and I hope you enjoy the next installment upon release.


Hiya! Bought the game and cannot wait to play. Is it possible that you could make the game downloadable in Itch.io's launcher. It might make future updates easier for players.


aaaa im only about 4 hours in so far but im loving this game so much, its by far one of the best rpgmaker games ive played and ive played a lot, the characters are wonderful (i would die for ryker and accardi)

 would you be comfortable with me making a video walkthrough/playthrough for it on youtube?


Thanks for asking; playthroughs are okay with me! And thank you for playing, I hope the game continues to bring you joy for the rest of it (Especially with Ryker and Accardi, ahaha)


god this game RULES!! i LOVE all of the characters SO MUCH and i'm so invested in whats happening, thank you so much for making this!!!!


Ahhh this is one of my new favorite games I'm in love with everything about it, very happy to be able to play it!


Hello! Will the second chapter be included with this purchase?


Howdy! The purchase for this title only comes with the first chapter (roughly 6-12 hours of gameplay). The second chapter (a sequel to this game) has not been started on yet with production. Thanks for the interest! 


Oh okay.... So is the second chapter a dlc???


hihi just started playing! love the art and the game looks super promising, love the atmostphere

i think i might have run into some glitches, though. for some reason the "run" button doesnt seem to work? like ill hold space and i move at the exact same speed. also im not sure if this is intentional or not but character portraits seem kind of inconsistent? and the start when ryker and leon are talking to each other they dont show up but once theyre talking by themselves they do show up

still tho really cool game!!


Hi, thank you for your interest in the game!

For the running issue- have you tried holding the "shift" key while moving? Try that instead of the space bar, and see if you still have issues? I could see if there's something wrong I put in the game on my end if so. Thanks again!


this gayme is everything to me



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I won’t be able to get the game yet (must make money) but when I can I’m gonna be super psyched